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Yasmeen is a young professional woman who is excellent in her craft as a financial adviser. I have seen her work and I would only trust her to do the financial services for my family and myself. She always exceeds our expectations. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to set their  finances in the right direction and secure their future. 

~ Zee Yusuf ~



What People Are Saying

Below are some testimonials from people that I've worked with in the past as their financial advisor or mentor.


I want to say I appreciate Yasmeen's enthusiasm and dedication to being a financial advisor to her clients. I was very comfortable working on my portfolio plan with her. It was simple and straightforward. Her communication during the entire process was exemplary and her response to any questions that I needed clarifications to were always quick and timely. I look forward to sitting with her again in the future for more possible ventures. 

~ Kestine Okoro ~

Yasmeen has all the qualities you would want in a mentor. She is very down to earth, level headed, and smart. She will tell you how it is, and won't beat around the bush, which is important because she gets her work done in the most efficient way possible.


In addition, Yasmeen is very determined, if she sees an opportunity to better her business, she will pounce before even thinking twice. As a mentor, it is really important to know the difference between pushing someone and forcing someone. Yasmeen will always try to push someone because she sees potential in them, but not to the point where she overdoes it. Yasmeen always provides constructive criticism, as well as points out things that I have done well and should continue to incorporate in my business.


Lastly, Yasmeen is always there for anyone, whether it be her personal or professional life, which is a very great quality to have because it is easy for her to maintain friendships and accountability. Yasmeen is a great friend, business partner, and a person I can trust with anything. 

~ Kirk Stuart ~

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