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About Me

Hi, my name is Yasmeen Alaywan!

I'm a financial advisor, but not your conventional financial advisor. Im excited to empower you and help you overcome any limiting beliefs you may have about finances. I want you to wake up every day and be excited about your life!


I originally started working in the pharmaceutical field after majoring in biomedical engineering. I realized the moment that I started my job that a lot of my coworkers at retirement age weren't retired. When I began to ask why the answer was always that they couldn't afford to retire. I thought to myself that if a 401k and social security still wasn't enough for the average person, it wouldn't be enough for me or anyone in my generation. I set off to do some research on other ways to grow my money so that I could afford to retire.


I began to read one investment book after another. Funny enough a few months later I met a woman who would become my mentor. It started with her and I talking about what it's like to be a woman in the workplace and then she began talking about what it's like to be a female entrepreneur. As the conversation progressed I realized she was a financial advisor with her own business. She helped me open up investment accounts that a person my age straight out of college would not likely know about. I realized that people nowadays need this kind of access to information more than ever - especially now that housing and college expenses are over the roof and most people are in debt and financially behind. So I set off to start my own business and make financial education accessible to those who really need it - the average American person. 

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